S1 — Degrader Wedges (GTS3ED2V1, GTS3ED2O2)

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Updated Jan 23, 2020


Settings of the S1 degrader components.

Use the on-line Degrader Calculator to calculate the degrader drive settings needed for S1 to obtain a specific thickness and angle.


Extra Wedges

A separate fixed wedge plate can be inserted on demand.

Type for S475 experiment in 2020:
Size dX x dY = 120 mm x 118 mm, material AlMg3, density = 2.67 g/cm3.
Thin side 6.550 mm, thick side = 23.449 mm, slope = 0.14083 .
Central thickness = 4005 mg/cm2.
Measured deviation from plane over full area: σz = 2.37 um (0.633 mg/cm2).




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