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Published Papers


  • JINST:: Performance of upstream interaction region detectors for the FIRST experiment at GSI, 2012. Journal Page
  • NIM:: The FIRST experiment at GSI journal page
  • svn repository for the papers is under svn (see above for instructions)


  • V. Patera, Nuclear physics experiment for hadrontherapy application
  • B. Golosio, " The FIRST experiment for nuclear fragmentation measurements at GSI " IEEE proceedings of MIC 2011
  • M. De Napoli. "The KENTROS Detector for Identification and Kinetic Energy Measurements of Nuclear Fragments at Polar Angles Between 5 and 90 Degrees", IEEE MIC 2012 PDF of the contribution
  • M. Toppi. "Measurements of 12 C ion fragmentation on thin carbon target from the FIRST collaboration at GSI". Presented at Nuba Conference Series, Sep 2014. Proceedings pdf
  • F. Balestra "Measurements of Carbon ion fragmentation on a thin gold target by the FIRST collaboration at GSI". Presented at Bormio, 2015. Proceedings pdf

Papers in preparation

  • In order to checkout the papers (in preparation and past ones) you can use the command
svn co

PRC paper 2014

We have decided to submit the first paper to the Phys. Rev. C journal. An updated template has been prepared under the svn project.

  • The paper can be found under the folder trunk/PRC_paper_14
  • To compile it, use pdflatex
pdflatex Main.tex

Draft 3 (15 Dec 2014)

  • Draft3.pdf: [Draft 3 of the paper, svn revision 1633]
  • List of changes:
    • Adapted all the figures to a common style. UdM are now shown in square brackets in the plots.
    • Fig.1 has been redone in order to improve the readibility.
    • Global reconstruction measurement: now we describe the unfolding method for the E_kin distribution.
    • Cross section measurement section has been rewritten/improved, as well as the systematics part.

Draft 2 (17 Nov 2014)

  • Paper Draft Draft2.pdf: Draft 2 of the paper
    Draft2 of the paper, svn revision 1626]
  • List of changes
    • General:
      • Added more references (thanks to M. Durante)
    • Title
      • Rephrased accordingly to comment from V. Monaco.
    • Introduction
      • Implemented corrections from V. Monaco
    • Experimental setup.
      • Beam monitor: added the tracking efficiency and discussion of hit detection efficiency
      • ToF: minor fixes + removal of fragment charge ID paragraph (moved to the global reconstruction section)
    • MC simulation:
      • added also the data sample description.
    • Global reconstruction
      • Added fragment ID section in which info from the VTX is also discussed.
    • Figures. All the figures have been touched. Please check carefully.

To do
    • Figures. Most of the figures do really need improvements/beautification. Comments/suggestions are welcomed.
      • Fig. 1: How to improve? Shall we get rid of the final fucsia/yellow boxes?

Draft 1 (15 Jul 2014)

  • Paper Draft [ Draft1.pdf: Draft1 of the paper, svn revision 1569]
  • List of Changes
    • The draft is still incomplete. We have finalized the global reconstruction, crossection and sketched the conclusion sections BUT we still have to finalize the numbers. (to not get too attached to them :)!)
    • General:
      • Tried to stick to the following convention: 12C for beam ions and identified fragments, carbon for target (I do not want to use graphite since “our” graphite is twice as dense as “standard” graphite :D…) and carbon also to refer to ALL the Z = 6 fragments…. gold for target. [please help me spotting any remaining inconsistency with this policy :)]
      • Numbering: I use the rule I learned in lhc experiments: numbers below ten go in letters, numbers above ten are written as numbers. All numbers that include digits go in number. Let me know if you do not like this rule and help me spot any number/lettered number that escape this convention.
      • replaced par. with § and degrees with º
      • I have switched on the line numbering to help people give feedback in the following drafts.
      • ToF Wall is now TW everywhere. Time of flight is ToF everywhere… Elost is now Eloss.
      • Avoided the term “hadrontherapy” in favor of “particle therapy”.
    • Title: anyone seems happy with it :).
      • I changed Carbon ions into 12C ions
    • Author’s list:
      • Fixed Introzzi, Younis, randazzo, denapoli, sciubba patera piersanti + added Rescigno.
    • Abstract:
      • implemented changes suggested from Paoloni/ Introzzi/ Balestra/ Schuy/ Finck/ Sciubba/DeNapoli
      • @CSchuy: Are citations allowed/accepted in abstracts? I prefer to cite the “NASA related article” in the paper, as well as the other references you were suggesting.. can you please send me the detailed references? you just put a name instead of giving me the full reference… (rossini durante kreamer) that would help me really much...
      • @ASciubba: For now we are preparing a paper on Single differential cross sections. We have to decide if we want to include also the double differential cross section. Even if it’s a “mere” technical detail (since it’s just redoing the full analysis in a finer “binning” grid) the technical details are not so trivial and this could add additional delay to the publication date.
    • Introduction:
      • implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Schuy/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli
      • Help is needed in filling the Citation part: we need to cite our friends, please help me compiling an exhaustive list of papers that we have to cite in our paper!!!
    • Experimental setup:
      • implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Schuy/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli
      • @CFinck@ESpiriti: what is a good number to quantify the “slowness” of the VTX? 115 µs? Do you want to give a number here or just point the reader to the vtx paragraph for more details?
    • Start counter detector
      • implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli
    • Beam Monitor Detector
      • implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli
      • @CFinck: the BM efficiency was measured by looking IF the BM had any track reconstructed when BOTH the SC and the VTX had a signal (SC -> trigger / VTX -> reconstructed vtx)
    • Vertex Detector
      • implemented changes from Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli
      • @CFinck: citing the two methods for tracking and vertexing is too much for this paper. We need to document/discuss only the ones we finally used for our measurements and probably just “cite” that different methods were used as a crosscheck yielding similar performances.
    • BM matching:
      • @APaoloni: Fig 6. We do not have a clear explanation for why the Y resolution is worse… To avoid unnecessary “claim” on such detail I have kept only the “X” residual plot, to give an idea of the inter calibration quality.
      • @CFinck: i have re-written the BM - VTX section, let’s see if it is good now.
    • ALADIN Magnet
      • implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba
    • ToF-Wall
      • Implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/Finck/DeNapoli/Toppi
      • This section has be heavily re-engineered: compactified, cleaned from unnecessary details and simplified.
      • TW efficiency: Rewritten. We need some info/plots from @RIntrozzi @FBalestra to finalize the paragraph.
      • Fragments charge: re-written by M. toppi.
      • @CFinck: all that is related to the ToF and matters to the global reconstruction of fragments (re-fragmentation, clustering, charge mismatch, etc etc is moved to global reconstruction
    • Trigger and DAQ
      • Implemented changes from Paoloni/Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/DeNapoli
    • MC simulation
      • Implemented changes from Introzzi/Balestra/Sciubba/DeNapoli
    • Figures. Most of the figures do really need improvements/beautification. Comments/suggestions are welcomed.
      • Fig. 1: How to improve? Shall we get rid of the final fucsia/yellow boxes?
      • Fig. 2: we need to show better the beam axis.
      • Fig. 3: should be redone applying chi-square cut.
      • Fig. 5: CORRECT overlapping writings, SPECIFY the difference between the plots
      • Fig. 7: writing not readable.. how to improve the image? Making it page wide does not seems wise…. remove writings on the left + making big labels on orange box on the right?
      • Fig. 8 : caption! + improve figure quality
      • Fig. 9 : redone with common style. Decide if we need to keep all of them.
      • Fig 10: redone removing unnecessary stuff. (title box stat)
      • Fig 11,12 : redo with common style
      • Fig 14: redo in root + common style.
      • Fig 15,16,17,18 : redo with common style
      • Fig 19: improve legend positioning.
      • Fig 20 -> 25 ?

Draft 0 (26 May 2014)

  • Paper Draft [ Main.pdf: Draft0 of the paper]
  • Comments:
    1. Draft is incomplete.
      1. Abstract and Introduction have been quickly drafted to get feedback on layout/content.
      2. The experimental setup section is the one that should be in better shape and to which more detailed comments can be made.. few missing parts have yet to be finalized (Pile up discussion for vtx/BM and ToF fragments identification). Trigger and DAQ section is being finalized.
      3. MC section was only drafted.
      4. Global reconstruction has been drafted to get feedback on the layout/setup.
      5. Results and Conclusions are missing
    2. We ask for detailed comments on EVERYTHING is available: text/quality of figures/even typos.... anything that could help us improving the text... keep in mind that the writers are also the ones that are trying to finalize the analysis to get the paper out: all the detailed comments and suggestions that help improving the paper are invaluable!
    3. General comments are of course welcomed as well: we will try to implement everything in the next draft of course.
    4. Particular help is needed in the introduction and especially in building the necessary references list to other existing results!! Please help us filling this list and putting everything inside the text.
-- AlessioSarti - 20 Feb 2012
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