Januar 26, 2006, 13h

Room: C24 2.011


  • Talk of Heinrich Woertche for the NUSTAR collaboration.
  • Discussion


JoernAdamczewski, RalphBaer, DietrichBeck, HansEssel, UdoKebschull, BurkhardKolb, MichaelSayed, HaikSimon, HeinrichWoertche

Meeting minutes:

The main topic was the talk given by Heinrich about the status of the GSI-KVI collaboration (will be available). According to the GSI-KVI contract, KVI (Heinrich) is responsible for the "slow control station and network for NUSTAR". End of 2007 a conceptional design report should be delivered. For this project 4 FTE/year can be hired (begin 2007). However, by some extra financing, some people can be hired already in 2006. Extra financing comes from collaborations with companies (encouraged by dutch government).

Heinrich layed out that the final decision about standards is at GSI. In the near future, Heinrich and Haik identify concrete projects to start with soon. One first step would be to install an MBS system at KVI (experiment still must be determined) for learning, because MBS will be used in NUSTAR at least some years. Another task could be the programming and testing of modules based on the universal logic board. There is also interest from NUSTAR in the FE-board to be developed for the FutureDAQ prototype.

Besides that an important task is to collect requirements from all NUSTAR experiments for slow control. The result should be a design of a "slow control station" for NUSTAR. This design should be communicated to other FAIR controls groups. NUSTAR controls have a shorter time scale than e.g. CBM or PANDA.

There was agreement that the timing distribution systems are candidates for a consistent approach.

Next meeting: March 16, 10h

-- HansEssel - 26 Jan 2006
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