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SSH config: host specific identity


Using the features of the config file of ssh in ~/.ssh one can specify host specific ssh options, including varying identities and users.

from: http://www.gelato.unsw.edu.au/archives/git/0611/31044.html

  • connecting to a specific host using a different identity file and user
    $> cat ~/.ssh/config
       Host private.host.com
          User myname
          Hostname host.com
          IdentityFile ~/.ssh/private-identity
       Host public.host.com
          User anotherName
          Hostname host.com
          IdentityFile ~/.ssh/public-identity
       Host git.host.com
          User git
          Hostname host.com
          IdentityFile ~/.ssh/git-identity
  • allows to replace:
    • ssh host.com -l myname -i ~/.ssh/private-identity
      ssh host.com
    • commands which internally use ssh but do not allow to pass ssh options, e.g. git
      git clone git.host.com

-- PeterZumbruch - 10 May 2013
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