What is inside the ThirdParty readme file.

* xmlrpc-c-0.9.9.tar.gz
XML-RPC library for C/C++, see "Setup, Installation" in manual.

* xmlrpc-c-0.9.10_darwin.tgz
Similar, but patched such that it compiles for Mac OS X.

** patch_xmlrpc-c-0.9.9
Patch file for xmlrpc-c-0.9.9.tar.gz, see "Setup, Installation" in manual.

* xerces-c-current.tar.gz
Xerces XML Library, see "Setup, Installation" in manual.

* Frontier-RPC-0.07b4.tar.gz
An XML-RPC library for perl, see guess what.

* expat-1.95.8.tar.gz
Another XML parser. If you don't already have it, you 
might need it for the other packages.

* XML-Simple-2.09.tar.gz, XML-Parser-2.34.tar.gz,
  libwww-perl-5.800.tar.gz, HTML-Parser-3.36.tar.gz, HTML-Tagset-3.03.tar.gz,
More perl libraries that you might need to make
Frontier work.

-- MarcRStockmeier - 26 Oct 2005
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