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JavaScript Toggle Image size

By including this topic JavaScriptToggleImages via %INCLUDE{...}% this JavaScript-function (by Simon Lang) enables you to switch between 2 different sizes of a picture, toggled by a click:



<img src="http://hades-wiki.gsi.de/pub/SimAna/PairsNov02/N_ep_em_gen4_ABC.gif"
width='500px' height="200px" onclick="zoomToggle('200px','200px','500px','500px',this);">
The syntax is
     <img src="A" onclick="zoomToggle('iWideSmall','iHighSmall','iWideLarge','iHighSmall',this);">


Click on the picture below and enjoy!


JavaScript Code

<script type="text/javascript">
function zoomToggle(iWideSmall, iHighSmall, iWideLarge, iHighLarge, whichImage)
   oW = whichImage.style.width;
   oH = whichImage.style.height;
   if ((oW==iWideLarge)||(oH==iHighLarge))
      nW = iWideSmall;
      nH = iHighSmall;
      nW = iWideLarge;
      nH = iHighLarge;
   whichImage.style.width  = nW;
   whichImage.style.height = nH;

-- PeterZumbruch - 03 Sep 2007
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