Written by BurkhardKolb

In order to avoid broadcasting you should set yourself in your local .profile (or whatever you use) the following environment variables:

  • EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST= list of your IOCs (separated by commas)
  • EPICS_DISPLAY_PATH=/u/.../adl ==> this should be the directory where you keep the .adl files

Start medm by typing

  • medm -displayFont scalable&

Then in the file menu make a NEW DISPLAY. Use the palette window to select the widget you want to place in the window, name the PV to which it should connect (don't forget to always end your typing in the Motif-boxes with a CR). Save the file and switch to EXECUTE mode.

As a more complex example try a RELATED DISPLAY which opens another window and passes arguments to it (like in the motif window:)

  • [title] [subwindow.adl] [NAME=FOPI, NN=0, CHAN=13]

Of course you have to prepare a window (subwindow.adl) which uses for instance a PV with the placeholder strings

  • $(NAME):TEMP$(NN):channel_$(CHAN)

This will be expanded to

  • FOPI:TEMP0:channel_13

Once you have a reasonable set of screens you can start medm in execute-only mode:

  • medm -displayFont scalable -x myDisplay.adl&

-- MarcRStockmeier - 17 Aug 2005
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