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template script: (re)start soft IOC lxg0434 at reboot ... just the settings to change

%begin bash%

#specific predefines userDefines() { userProcServTelnetPort= #eg. 4813 userProcServTelnetLogPort=-1 #-1:defaults to userProcServTelnetPort+1 userIOC=ioc--$(hostname) userWorkingDir= #e.g ~scs/apps/hades/iocBoot/ioctemplate; userCommandExecutable= #e.g. "../../bin/linux-x86/hades"; userCommandArgument= #e.g. "st.cmd";

... userProcServDefaultExecutable= #e.g. /usr/local/bin/procServ userLibraryPathAdd= #e.g. /home/scs/apps/hades/hadesApp/src #several paths allowed, separated by colon ':' %end%

-- PeterZumbruch - 03 Mar 2010
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