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hv script: (re)start soft IOC lxg0434 at reboot


%begin bash% #!/bin/bash

# ioc-cave.sh # starts EPICS IOC in background using procServ tool # by defining user specific variables # and # then calling/sourcing ${startBackgroundEpicsIocScript} # which implements those settings # # Author: P.Zumbruch@gsi.de 12/01/2010 # Last modification: 23/02/2010

# uncomment to debug #set -xv

scriptname=ioc-cave.sh startBackgroundEpicsIocScriptName=startBackgroundEpicsIoc.sh useUserDefinedVariables=yes

#specific predefines userDefines() { userProcServTelnetPort=4813 #userProcServTelnetLogPort=4814 userIOC=ioc-cave-$(hostname); userWorkingDir=~scs/apps/hades/iocBoot/ioccave userCommandExecutable="../../bin/linux-x86/hades"; userCommandArgument="st.cmd";

userProcServExecutable=$(which procServ) userProcServDefaultExecutable=/usr/local/bin/procServ userLibraryPathAdd=/home/scs/apps/hades/hadesApp/src #several paths allowed, separated by colon ':'

[ 0 -ge "${userProcServTelnetLogPort}" ] && unset userProcServTelnetLogPort userCommand="${userCommandExecutable} ${userCommandArgument}"; userProcServLoggingDir=${userWorkingDir} userProcServExecutable=${userProcServExecutable:-${userProcServDefaultExecutable}} }

#look for startBackgroundEpicsIocScriptName startBackgroundEpicsIocScript=$(which $startBackgroundEpicsIocScriptName) startBackgroundEpicsIocScript=${startBackgroundEpicsIocScript:-./${startBackgroundEpicsIocScriptName}}

#start script if available, else report ERROR and exit if [ -f "${startBackgroundEpicsIocScript}" ] then . ${startBackgroundEpicsIocScript} else echo "$scriptname: ERROR could not find main script file \`$startBackgroundEpicsIocScriptName'" exit -1 fi



-- PeterZumbruch - 03 Mar 2010
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