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Hardware Platforms - Introduction ... (to be included)


    In contrast to the standard EPICS installations, cross compiler and several other things are needed first.

    Generic steps:
    • Prerequisites
      • Installation of cross compiler (could be included already in the normal gnu compiler suite)
      • Installation of software development kit (if available)
    • then
      • ... either (recommended) using the cross compiler for EPICS build
        • create/modify EPICS target and host specific CONFIG/CONFIG_SITE files
        • built target specific executables, libraries and applications
      • ... or compile on target system specific OS
        • Download of all sources (LINUX kernel and driver)
        • Compilation of the kernel plus tools (busybox for example)
        • transfer to the target hardware
        • Compilation of EPICS inside the development package
    • Finally
      • (Transfer to the target hardware)
      • Test the IOC on the target machine.
    How-to's by EPICS wiki
      Have a look at the How-Tos at the epics wiki, especially at:
      -- PeterZumbruch - 10 Nov 2011
      ... more see Project Page

-- PeterZumbruch - 10 Nov 2011
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