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Hades Rich Gas Transmission Monitor


The large scale HADES Experiment at GSI uses a RICH (ring imaging cherenkov detector) for particle discrimination and (basic) tracking purposes. In order to monitor the gas quality concering UV transmission, an ADC board has been developed by the Munic RICH team. It communicates via CANbus. Currently it is connected to a VME CPU via an IPAC carrier module. The VME CPU is running the EPICS IOC accessing the ADC board.

The projects objective is to gradually replace this system with a HadCon2 based Ansatz.
  1. Collect status, documentation and requirements
    • physical location
    • available documentation
    • scan rates
  2. Keep the ADC board, but replace the VME based CANbus controller by the HadCon2 and communicate via HadCon2's CAN commands with the existing ADC port
  3. replace the ADC board by
    1. HadCon2 and its internal 10bit ADC b. HadCon2 and its internal FPGA based ADC c. HadCon2 connected to an external ADC, e.g. OwAdc1


Status: kickoff: 27 Jan 2015, documentation 5%


People involved:

  • Alessandra Lai, Univ. Frankfurt
  • Peter Zumbruch, GSI, RBEE

-- PeterZumbruch - 27 Jan 2015
-- PeterZumbruch - 2015-02-04
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