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EPICS installations

    Installations of EPICS at GSI – step-by-step

    This section intends to replace the following installation parts (First installation and GSI installation) in future, and is in progress.
    Have a first look at: EPICS Installation at GSI.
    Status: ongoing

    First installation

    (M.Stockmeyer) Installation on a groupserver and running an IOC on a normal machine In order to find news on the first installation refer to:

    GSI installations

    (This section is cut out from the main website, since it is going to replaced) Have a look at this binned section ... here.
    -- PeterZumbruch - 20 Mar 2007

-- PeterZumbruch - 22 Oct 2008


HADES has a nice board called TRB (TDC readout board). In order to do some first tests with EPICS on this board several steps have to be performed before.

The next links will be (hopefully) these above mentionen generic steps on a TRB HADES board. The Multichip Module (MCM) ETRAX 100LX MCM from AXIS is the core of the TRB. THe following installation guide deals with this specific hardware.

CrossCompilerInstallation failed on the groupserver (stopped actions here...)

In order to use the same Linux installation, the HADES developement PC and the cross compiler infrastructure was made available to me.


In order to start with this project I copied the Hades infrastucture. This is based on: Hades wiki Embedded Linux Development.



-- MarcRStockmeier - 21 Feb 2006
-- PeterZumbruch - 22 Mar 2007

-- PeterZumbruch - 22 Oct 2008
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