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How to "Import a CVS repository into a bare git repository"

    # External CVSROOT, e.g. scs@lx-pool.gsi.de:/misc/hadesprojects/slowcontrol/cvsroot/
    URL_CVSROOT_EXTERNAL=<[User@]external CVSROOT directory>,
    CVSROOT_LOCAL=<local CVSROOT directory>
    # Git repository path: e.g. "hadesprojects-slowcontrol.git"
    GIT_TARGET_DIR=<New Git Repository>,
    # CVS Module to import MODULE=<CVS Module to extract>

    [ ! -z "$CVSROOT_LOCAL" ] mkdir -p "$CVSROOT_LOCAL" &&
    [ ! -z "$URL_CVSROOT_EXTERNAL" ] && rsync --progress -a "$URL_CVSROOT_EXTERNAL/" $CVSROOT_LOCAL
    git init --bare &&
    [ ! -z "$MODULE" ] && time git cvsimport -i -o cvshead -p xv -v -k -d $CVSROOT_LOCAL -C $GIT_TARGET_REPOSITORY $MODULE >&/tmp/cvsimport.log ||
    echo "import of module \'$MODULE\' of CVS repository \'$URL_CVSROOT_EXTERNAL\' into \'$GIT_TARGET_REPOSITORY\' failed"

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-- PeterZumbruch - 2014-11-03
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