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This list represents the current projects as an overview, therefore duplicate entries may occur.

widespread tasks & developments

    Person(s) in charge
    EPICS @ raspberry pi
    • gain experience

    EPICS @ dreamplug
    • documentation

    EPICS @ Windows
    • gain experience

    • code review
    • pure EPICS / DABC


    • code review
    • add-ons

    standalone Lambda TDK control
    • circumvent LAN hang-ups
      • LAN control and 1-wire based switches/controls, q.v. MDC-LV-RC1, controlled by hadcon2/dreamplug/raspberry pi
      • direct RS232 / RS422 connection via com-server / hadcon / dreamplug
      • 5V / TTL signal ?

HADES support / developments

    Person(s) in charge
    current or nearby projects
      (updating) documentation, long-term

      code versioning, long-term
      • CVS
      • SVN
      • GIT ?

      HADES CAEN based HV
      • documentation
      • improving startup procedure
        • connection check
        • on start crate configuration skript/programm
      • perl based sequencer, database, creation
      • reorganization
        • migration of MDC to new crate &arr; new sequencers
        • migration of HV control from VME control via caennet (MDC) &arr; main IOC &arr; separate HV control PC (maybe lxhadesdaq01?)

      HADES MDC HV trip sequencer
      • migration to linux box away from VME
        • network based control sequences
        • introduction of Hardware Limits
      • improving existing trip sequencer by stepping HV behaviour
        • documentation missing

      HADES / HADCON: triple redundancy 1-wire ADC readout
      • in an noisy environment, the 1-wire ADC readout (via OwAdc1) used at several places suffers from spikes
        • w/ a typical scan rate of 0.1-1 Hz a falls signal may be persistent for almost 10 seconds, provoking false interlock signals
        • e.g. differential pressure measurement MDC
        • absolute pressure measurement
      • implement to HADCON 1-wire control command OWAD a feature, to perform a triple read of a channel, and remove a possible spike

open projects

      HADES RICH current readout, replace VME/CANbus based readout by hadcon2 (CANbus)
      see HadesRichCurrentMonitor
      HADES ISEG HV CAN Control

      HADES / HADCON Gas Balances, replace VME based readout by hadcon2

      HADES MDC: Δp interlock relay

      HADES / HADCON: VME SIAM module - replacement by hadcon2 based readout

      HADES RPC: HADCON 1-wire 8-switches (database)


CBM support / developments

    Person(s) in charge
    Beamtime COSY Jan 2012

    Beamtime COSY Jul 2012, setup of S.Loechner

    Beamtime CERN Oct/Nov 2012
    Code versioning
    • SVN repository, single out to pure EPICS
    • collect existing code

    Beamtime modules
    • modularize existing code
    • add archiver RDB / file-based
    • alarm handler

    Beamtime equipment
    • replace epx01 (borrowed by B.Kolb) by new PC
      • unifiy users
    • EXSYS 6030 comports buy

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