PCA on GSI computer outside the campus network

Since PCA 7.8.0, the default folder to save data is in
  \ConfigurationFiles   (.XPC7)
  \DeviceTests \PowerConverterTests (.XREP)
    \ModuleTests (.XREP)
    \XTIDFiles (.XTID)
    \XTSTFiles (.XTST)
  \InterlockListFiles   (.CSV)
  \InterlockSettingsFiles   (.XISF)
  \ParameterFiles   (.TXT)
  \USBDiagnosticLogFiles   (.XLOG)
  \DataLogger   (.CSV)
  \InfoFiles   (.INFO)
  \FieldCalibration   (.TXT)
  \ADCCalibration   (.CSV)
  \ExtRAMData   (.CSV)
  \MFULogbook   (.XLOG)
The ...\PowerConfigAdvanced folder with all its subfolders is located within the ...\Documents folder in the user profile and is therefore on the GSI Campus server.

If PCA is used on a GSI computer outside of the network and NOT in the Localadmin profile, error messages appear when files are to be saved.

The reason for this is that PCA does not check the network connection, but it does check whether one of the aforementioned folders exists before something is to be saved.
If a folder is not found (in the case of an .xpc7 file, e.g. the subfolder ...\ConfigurationFiles), it will be created BEFORE the save dialog is displayed.

Of course, this is not possible offline, just as no data can be saved in this folder offline, because these folders/directories are located on the server of the GSI Campus.

Therefore error messages occur.

The localadmin profile folder is probably located locally on the computer and can therefore also be accessed offline.

Solution: Make the ...\PowerConfigAdvanced folder also available offline.
After that, the data it contains is also available WITHOUT a network connection.
All changes made in it offline are synchronized in your own profile the next time you connect to the GSI network \campus.

To do this, left-click on the ...Documents\PowerConfigAdvanced folder and check “Always available offline” in the context menu that opens.


This loads this folder and its contents into the computer's local profile and will also be available offline in the future.
To end this, simply uncheck the box.

In the future, PCA will include the option to manually set the path of the standard folder ...\PowerConfigAdvanced.
This allows you to choose a default path outside of the profile.

-- DerekSchupp - 2022-12-08
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