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GSI Wiki's DABC web The DABC web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2024 by contributing authors GSI Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of GSI Wiki GSI Wiki GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH.DABC DabcNews DABC News 2015 17.11.2015 Production release 2.9.0 Major new features: * libDabcHadaq * support of UDP packets sorting, enables use of TRB3 with two Et... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2015-11-17T18:12:45+01:00 s.linev WebHome Welcome to the Data Acquisition Backbone Core DABC This is the public Wiki, the official site is News The mission Repository Main.LinevSergey 20 Jul 201... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2013-07-20T18:13:29+02:00 s.linev DabcRepository The repository of DABC DABC is managed by SVN repository. Url of repository is . Repository open for reading. Checkout from re... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2013-05-17T16:59:57+02:00 s.linev DimLynx Installing DIM on Lynx Build on Linux DIM v15r01 Makefile coupled mthreads switch with endian! This is wrong. ARCH=INTEL resulted in little endian (PC) and mt... (last changed by JoernAdamczewski) 2011-08-26T13:20:41+02:00 j.adamczewski DabcProjects DABC projects Version 2 development (internal) Core classes * Command submission to other nodes * Node failure detection * (Semi) automatic recovery of... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2011-01-26T11:28:09+01:00 s.linev FeHardware CBM readout controller The ROC board designed for readout of nXYTER frontend. DABC provides communication layer to ROC, which includes UDP based and Optic based t... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2011-01-26T08:48:17+01:00 s.linev GuiJava Java GUI Some Java helps: Hints, internals GUI jar file The jar file of the gui is ...dabc/gui/java/packages/xgui.jar. Setup files There are three setup files u... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-08-18T18:59:19+02:00 HansEssel DimLinux Comments to build DIM on Linux Build on Lynx Current version is dim_v19r3 Since DIM version v18 the memory leak in the java interface has been fixed. To build t... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-08-18T18:54:43+02:00 HansEssel MbsToDo090904 Modifications 4.9.09 goofy/v51/src to mbs/v51/src * f_cmd.c : printout command line * f_dim_server.c : minor bug fixes * f_pr_reset.c : killing order of ... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-05-10T16:16:25+02:00 HansEssel MbsSupport MBS Support MbsImplementation Steps to upgrade MBS as DABC data channel. MbsDataFormats New structures for MBS data. MbsFileFormat New LMD file format. File A... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-04-16T14:48:38+02:00 HansEssel MbsImplementation MBS upgrade for DABC To have minimal changes, we use standard collector and transport. Two different changes must be done: 1. Increased buffer size support This... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-04-09T16:30:14+02:00 HansEssel HansJavaHints In Java source code: package a.b.c; means sources are in $SOURCEPATH/a/b/c/*.java and classes in $CLASSPATH/a/b/c/*.class javac sourcepath SOURCEPATH classpat... (last changed by HansEssel) 2010-01-07T13:58:07+01:00 HansEssel DabcControls Controlling DABC Screen shots of Java GUI XDAQ classes for configuration and control Overview of the XDAQ adapter classes between dabc core, DIM and XDAQ infosp... (last changed by HansEssel) 2009-08-28T17:02:57+02:00 HansEssel LmdImplementation Lean Implementation of new LMD file format DABC.MbsDataFormats Usage of buffer header A special buffer header is used as file header. Important fields like word... (last changed by HansEssel) 2008-10-15T16:59:23+02:00 HansEssel MbsDataFormats Data element structures All structures are defined independent on endianess. When bytes must be swapped, always 4 bytes are swapped. Fields 8 bytes long must be h... (last changed by HansEssel) 2008-10-15T16:36:45+02:00 HansEssel ROCinDABC ROC readout in DABC Changes in Knut library 1. Correct calculation of "gap" between lost packets 1. New ptherad_condition in SysCoreBoard class to be used ... (last changed by LinevSergey) 2008-10-10T08:50:41+02:00 s.linev

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