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GUI Layout file Layout.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Main shape="158,110,1023,850" columns="0" show="true"/>
<Meter shape="6,485,100,75" columns="4" show="true"/>
<Histogram shape="913,448,200,150" columns="1" show="false"/>
<State shape="643,260,100,75" columns="1" show="true"/>
<Info shape="4,262,628,218" columns="1" show="true"/>
<Logger shape="3,237,886,413" columns="0" show="false"/>
<Parameter shape="0,465,680,150" columns="0" show="false"/>
<Command shape="449,5,560,252" columns="0" show="true"/>
<DabcLauncher shape="454,5,444,253" columns="0" show="false"/>
<MbsLauncher shape="4,4,442,234" columns="0" show="true"/>
<Parameter width="74,74,74,74,74,74,74" />

-- HansEssel - 27 Feb 2008
Topic revision: r1 - 2008-02-27, HansEssel
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