This Webpage should summarize our efforts to include new and modern detection techniques into MM6. MM6.cpp is a C++/QT graphical UI used by different trap experiments for their data acquisition and online analysis. It has to be used in combination with a LV CS class called MM6.lvlib. The purposes of the two different programs are the following:
  • MM6.cpp:
    • Shows the current measurement data in different windows
    • Configure the next scanning sequence. Several devices will be automatically configured by MM6.cpp.
  • MM6.lvlib:
    • Serves as a sequencer in the background, to control the pattern generator, a data acquisition device and the maximal two scanning devices.
Both programs can run on different PCs. They communicate with each other over DIM and use only a limited number of DIM services for this:
  • MM6.lvlib ==> MM6.cpp: 5 DIM services are monitored by MM6.cpp:
    • Sequencer+"discArchiver": The C++ GUI needs the object name of the DiscArchiver.
    • Sequencer+"eventBuilder": The C++ GUI needs the object name of the EventBuilder.
    • Sequencer+"Status": The C++ GUI can display the status of the sequencer.
    • EventBuilder +"eventData": The data of the current measurement in the format D:1;D:1;D:N. The first two doubles are header information. The last one are the actual data. Note that the length of this array has to be known by MM6.cpp in order to unpack them!
    • DiscArchiver +"DataFile": Since the LV side saves the data, the C++ GUI can display the actual file name.
  • MM6.cpp ==> MM6.lvlib: The C++ GUI can send some simple commands like "start", "stop" or "abort" to the sequencer. In addition to that it has to send a configuration xml file prior to each measurement.

Subprojects and Status

New features

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Implement FT-ICR as possible detection technique in MM6.

1 06.07.2016    



  2 not yet   0
3 Additional Data Windows



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-- DennisNeidherr - 15 Jul 2016
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