Only use this Example, if you have completely understand all coherences in the first Example "a very basic Object Net"!!

First open the "CSON-Examples\Example of a hierarchic Object Net" folder.

Here you can see one Netclass (CSON-HeatingControl) and many classes of Net-Objects.

Add the ini-File to your Database and start the Net, to see the working of a hierachical ObjectŽnet.

In the Objectnet itself, you can see a reentrant sub-viŽs which is called there twice, "". The name of the subnet is wired on its control
( SubnetŽs have the vi-property "Show front panel when called" to make them usable inside a executable, because there are no block-diagrams )

Building subnets is quite easy. Take the sequence from the room-subnet and place it into your own subnet, define a subnetname as input port, and make the vi reentrant. Now you can place your subnet into the second frame of the sequence.
The reentrant status of the VI gives the possibility to use it more than once within one objectnet.

Also you can see a timestamp- and a boolean-observerŽwithin this example. These were made, to observe data, which is not DIM-standart.
To build a own observer of any other datatype simply copy one of the other observer-VIŽs and change the controlŽs and the unbundle mechanism. ( Take care for the vi-propertyŽs --> Window apperance --> Custom. Here Flag the following: Show front panel when called, and window runs transparently 100% !! Specially needed on execution systems )

I think a little playing around with the net will answer many remaining questions. If still some are left check the CsOnFAQ or write a email to

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 20 Apr 2007
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