ToDo list.

Step1 --- upgrade to CS.v3.10 based on LabVIEW 8.20

Since all student asigned to FOPI have quit the original plan to upgrade to CS 3.00 until November has bcome obsolete. Since CS 3.10 is upcoming we will go directly for CS 3.10. The old FOPI CS will continue as is. New developments will be done based on CS 3.1
  • Upgrade of all classes, configuration of tags....etc.
  • Implement the new Low-Voltage-Control to the CS. Currently there are only 5 LV-Channels available in the CS. A seperated Labview-Programm allows the Control of all 20 Channels. This Programm (or something similar) should be implemented into the CS, to get Control of all Channels there.
    • It is working in my lab.
      -- HolgerBrand - 26 Feb 2007
    • We have to setup the configuration for the production system.
  • Implement the BrookŽs Mass-Flow Controller Classes into the CS
  • Disable the mass-Configuration option of the LeCroyŽs/ConstantFractions (maybe can be re-enabled later)
  • Testing & Debugging of this new CS-Version
  • Proposed upgrade order:
    • 1. Gas mixer PC (temporarily the gas mixer itself can be used manually)
    • 2. CAEN HV executable (temporarily HV can be controlled manually)
    • 3. LV executable (LV CANNOT be controlled manually, so this operation has to be synchronised with other works!!)
    • 4. other stuff (like Temperature, CFD or LeCroy HV) is not critical at present - can be upgraded any time.

Step2 --- implementation of user-desired changes

  • Rearrange the structure of the CS-Main Panel, inplement the new Mainpanel, and the desired sub- Panels. Each sub panels should contain only one cycle of LEDŽs, dedicated to the chossen drift chamber/sub-detector Group. A first layout of the new mainpanel is available in the CSFopi folder, under ""
  • Create a table for the complete tag configuration ([log-/alarm- ]deadband, scales, etc.). Especially for voltage, current and temperature measured values these settings have to be done.
  • Testing and Debugging of the executable, implement feedback from the user, and beta test of the first Full-version
  • PT100 sensor selection, mounting etc.

Step3 --- further development --- (no time-line specified)

  • Development on DSCDataBase class to manage/extract/convert the DSC Citadel database.
  • Currently only the "cfsa" = sent single CAMAC-CNAF of the Esone driver works. To Use the LeCroy and Constant Fraction objectŽs for mass-initialisation in decent time, it is required to use mass-camac-actions (and not only "cfsa"). One has to check & maybee to recode the Esone-driver to force all esone-commands to work!
  • If the first step is done, the LeCroy and the Constant Fractions classes need to be updated, to read/write config files, and to use the mass-camac-commands.
  • Meanwhile three new devices could be programmed (sufficient man power?): an internal and external Hygrometer and a meteo station. Probably Computer readible scales and/or flowmeters for gas bottles will be purchased in the near future, which means additional man power for implementing.

All other things, i can not allocate

  • It has been decided to put the sensor ABOVE the preamplifier group (not directly on the PCB) using a PVC suspension and a 2,5mm hole in the PCB.
  • Brooks 0154 Read Out & Control Unit (for use with analog mass flow controller) and 5850S Digital Mass Flow Controller
    • Using NetDDE to control the Read Out & Control Unit over the net. //tried, but SmartDDE does not work with NetDDE.
    • Measuring the flow of several gases to prove the accuracy of the MFCs. //done
    • Testing several Windows adjustments, because SmartDDE does not work reliable. //done, but no solution found (SmartDDE runs at most three days, sometimes only a few minutes). The problem seems to be that SmartDDE is not intended to be used with WinXP. Older operating systems are not available on GSI because of the missing security updates.
    • Because of getting the communication protocol for the Digital Mass Flow Controller, developing a LabView-driver.
    • Testing to communicate with the Read Out & Control Unit 0154 over the same protocol. //done, it works.

-- HolgerBrand - 21 Feb 2007
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