22 Sep 2005
  1. Members: PiotrKoczon, HolgerBrand, UweThiemer, AlexanderSchwinn, MaximilianKugler
  2. MK takes the maintenance and developement of the CAEN HV & Agilent LV power supplies classes.
  3. AS developes a generic class to manage groups of objects of the same class (for instance to manage groups of HVs channels)
  4. HB & PK setup DSC engine and OPC servers on the central control PC (KP1PC65) in SB 4.140.
  5. PK orders the IP Address for FOPIBC01 the Beckhoff BC9000 Bus Terminal Controller.
  6. PK, Andreas Schuettauf and UT will organise a meeting to define the type of the temperature sensors mechanical mounting and cabeling as well as naming convention.
  7. UT, AS and MK got a brief introduction about the FOPI experiment in a short tour.
-- PiotrKoczon - 22 Sep 2005
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