FOPI Implementation

This page contains at least the list of produced and released executables.

FOPI Teperature Control with Beckhoff PLC

Documantation and programs are stored here.

FOPI CS Releases

All Releases have a Version Major_Minor_Fix_Build.

  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_0
    This release contains:
    • Lambda_LV_Supplies
    • FOPI_RPC_T_Monitor
    • DIMTrendGUI
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_1
    This release contains following bug fixes
    • DIMTrendGUI with all DIM services selectable
    • FOPI_RPC_T_Monitor now switching of all LV modules in case of RPC temperature HiHi alarm.
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_2
    This release contains following new features:
    • Lambda_LV_Supplies now supporting enable/disable of switching On/Off events
    • FOPI_RPC_T_Monitor now disables/enables the switching On/Off events depending on RPC temperature status.
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_3
    This release contains following new classes:
    • ESONE_Dispatcher
    • ContantFraction, ContantFractionGUI, CF_MainPanel
    • LeCroy2132, LeCroy1440_Bord_GUI and LeCroy1440_MainGUI
    • Sorted list od Services in DIMTrendGUI.
    • Subversion Tag .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.3.4
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_4
    This release contains following new classes:
    • DIMHistogramGUI and updated DIMTrendGUI
    • updated FOPI_MainGUI: Selection of preconfigured Trendings and Histograms
    • Subversion Tag: .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.4.2
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_5
    This release contains following new classes:
    • CAEN_HVSystem, CAEN_HVBoard, CAEN_HVChannel, CAEN_HVSystemGUI, CAEN_HVBoardGUI
    • updated FOPI_MainGUI: Popup of preconfigured specific UserGOG-Panels and colored status display
    • Subversion Tag: .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.5
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_6
    This release contains following new classes:
    • Brooks0154, Brooks0154GUI
    • updated FOPI_MainGUI: Popup of Brooks0154GUI instances
    • Subversion Tag: .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.6
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_7
    This release contains following new classes:
    • Viasala to monitor same gas parameter
    • Brooks0154, Brooks0154GUI -> some bugs fixed
    • Preconfigued temperature histogram extended to 16 RPC Super Modules
    • Preconfigured temperature trending disabled
    • Subversion Tag: .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.7 (not yet commited)
  • CS_FOPI_V1_0_8
    This release contains following new classes:
    • Hygro to monitor humidity and temperature
    • Improved (reduced execution time)
    • CAENHV_Channel EmergencyOff Bugfix included.
    • CSSequencer package added
    • Subversion Revision ??? will be tagged as Tag: .../Tags/FOPI_V1.0.8

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