FOPI Detailed Design Specification

This page will describe the detailed design specification for the FOPI Control System.

  1. Low Voltage Power Supplies
    1. Lambda power supplies were selected.
    2. A CS-Class
      , that inherits from
      , will implements the necessary funtionality by calling the existing instrument driver
      1. It also allows to enable/disable the switching On/Off event
    3. The instances of this class will be configured via GeneralObjectGUI.
    4. The
      will be used to operate the LV modules.
  2. Temperature Monitoring
    1. A CS-Class
      , that inherits from
      , will implement the required functionality.
    2. An arbitrary number of temperatues with individual alarm limits can be added.
    3. An arbitrary number of power supplies to be switched off can be added.
    4. The switching off can be enabled and disabled.
    5. If enabled, the power supplies will switched off (EmergencyOff) if any temperatures exceeds its HiHi limit.
    6. It sends a requests to the power supplies to enable/disable the switch On/Off events depending on temperature status to prevent switching on power supplies in case of too high temeratures.
    7. Instances of this class will be configured and operated by using the GeneralObjectGUI.

-- HolgerBrand - 12 Mar 2007
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