CS Workshop, March 2018


Dear Colleagues,

we, the experiment control system group @ GSI, would like to invite you to a workshop dedicated to the CS framework and the CS++ framework. Please feel free to forward this information to other colleagues.

The main idea behind this workshop is to bring the users and developers of CS and CS++ together to discuss about the present status and future developments.

This workshop will take place at GSI in the Schulungsraum (computer training classroom - SB3.1.239a), from March 13, 2018, Tuesday, 09:00 to March 16, 2018, Friday, 12:00.

The first part of the workshop will consist of several small talks like in the previous years, However the larger part of this workshop will be a computer training course in which we want to show you how to program wthin CS++. Our idea is that we want to create small standalone CS++ programs for your experiments and integrate them into the (already existing) CS framework.

For the first part of the workshop we could run a Adobe Connect Web-Meeting in parallel, so that people from anywhere could join the workshop remotely. If you are interested to join via Web-Meeting, please tell HolgerBrand. We need some time to prepare. It would be nice if you could provide us with some suggestions about the topics you would like to be informed about and and/or the topics you would like to discuss. Please let us know, if you intend to come to the workshop or not.


How to Register

There is no registration fee and there are two possibilities to register. Either
  1. edit this web page and add your name to the list of registered participants below, or
  2. send an e-mail to HolgerBrand or DennisNeidherr.
If you would like to participate, please register as soon as possible!


HolgerBrand, DennisNeidherr, AlexanderKessler, StefanGoette, SzilardNagy, AlecHamaker, MartinEibach, RyanRingle, JonasKarthein, AlexanderJankowski, SoenkeBeck


Maybe it is a good idea to contribute to the list of feature requests or bug reports to enable us to derive an agenda.

Authors are responsible for the contents of their own contributions.
Please, respect all concerned copyrights!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
09:00 Welcome HolgerBrand 15 min  
09:15 CS Framework Overview DennisNeidherr 35+10 min  
10:00 Git @ gsi.de DennisNeidherr 25+5 min  
10:30 Coffee All 15 min  
10:45 Discussion All 60 min  
11:45 Lunch All 75 min  
13:00 Introduction AF HolgerBrand 20+10 min  
13:30 AF "Hello World" HolgerBrand 20+10 min  
14:00 CS++ Overview HolgerBrand 50+10 min  
15:00 CS++ Tools DennisNeidherr 20+10 min  
15:30 Coffee All 15 min  
15:45 CS++ Course: InstrSim All open end  
19:00 Dinner@ Shiraz Restaurant

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
09:00 CS++ Hands-On Course All    
17:00 End      

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
09:00 CS++ Hands-On Course All    
17:00 End      

Friday, March 16, 2018
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
09:00 CS++ Hands-On Course All    
11:45 End      
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