CS Workshop, February 2006


The presentations given at the workshop can be found at the bottom of this page. The results of the workshop are summarized here.


Dear Colleagues,

we, the experiment control system group @ GSI, would like to invite you to a workshop dedicated to the CS framework. Please feel free to forward this information to other colleagues.

The main idea behind this workshop is to bring the users and developers of CS together to discuss about the present status and future developments.

So far, CS is in use at a couple of experiments and facilities. Lots of features and classes have been added over the past years. The design and base classes of CS have proven to work and are basically used unchanged for quite some time.

We feel that it is just the right time for such a workshop for two reasons. First, the advent of LabVIEW 8 has triggered some discussion on how to improve or even redesign the CS framework. Examples for new features in LabVIEW 8 are the so called network variables, a project manager supporting real libraries with private namespace, ... . Second, quite a few CS users demand features like better scaling to a larger number of process variables, access control, security, locking of sub-systems... - just to name a few examples.

We propose to have this workshop at GSI on February 2 2006, Thursday, 09:00 to 18:00 (evening: dinner) February 3 2006, Friday, 09:00 to 15:00.

It would be nice if you could provide us with some suggestions about the topics you would like to be informed about and and/or the topics you would like to discuss. Please let us know, if you intend to come to the workshop or not.


Maybe it is a good idea to contribute to the CsWishList to enable us to derive a concrete agenda.

Thursday, February 2nd 2006
9:00 Welcome HolgerBrand   CSWorkshopFebruary2006Welcome.ppt
9:15 CS-Framework Overview DietrichBeck 30+15 min IntroductiontotheCSframework.ppt
X:XX CS-Framework Limitations StefanGoette 30+15 min CS-Workshop2005-SG.ppt
XX:XX Coffee   5+10 min  
XX:XX Database Tools for Configuration TobiasHabermann 20+10 min  
XX:XX GUIs for FOPI MaximilianKugler 20+10 min FOPI-SlowControl.ppt
XX:XX Lunch   30+30 min  
13:00 Collection of requirements ALL 60+X min CSWorkshopFebruary2006Requirements.ppt
XX:XX Coffee   5+10 min  
XX:XX CS Event Mechnism DietrichBeck 45+20 min ChangingtheCSEventMechanism.ppt
XX:XX Coffee   5+10 min  
XX:XX Scaling to larger systems DietrichBeck 20+10 min Scalingtolargesystems.ppt
XX:XX Integration into LabVIEW 8 HolgerBrand 30+15 min  
XX:XX Questions and answers ALL 20+X min  
19:30 Dinner      

Zum Storchen Restaurant

Darmstädter Str. 25
64291 Darmstadt
Tel. 06151 933129

Friday, February 3rd 2006
9:00 Summary of first day HolgerBrand 10+5  
XX:XX LabVIEW integration into the LHC control system Adriaan Rijllart 20+10 min GSI-Adriaan06.ppt
XX:XX Domain Console DietrichBeck 20+10 min DomainConsole.ppt
XX:XX Coffee   5+10 min  
XX:XX Sequencer Herbert Pichlick 20+10 min Sequencer-short.pdf
XX:XX Application Layer AlexanderSchwinn 20+10 min Groupobjectsandobjectnets.ppt
XX:XX Lunch   30+30 min  
13:00 SCADA DSC, access rights, ... HolgerBrand 30+10 min  
XX:XX License, support, collaborative work, openG, SCC HolgerBrand 20+5 min CSWorkshopFebruary2006Collaboration.ppt
XX:XX Discussion and further coffee ALL 60 min  
15:00 End      

Possible topics to discuss:

  • Integration into LabVIEW 8
    • Project Manager
    • Packaging, OpenG Toolkits,
    • Name space for VIs
    • Directory structure
    • "Subversion" as source code control system
  • Event Mechanism
    • Change to "environment variables" (LV 8)?
    • Change to DIM (www.cern.ch/dim)?
    • Format for ProcEvents method
    • Format of "call cluster"
  • Scaling to larger systems
    • SCADA backend
    • Number of process variables
    • Locking of sub-systems
    • Access control
    • Consistency of "Set-Values" (for distributed GUIs)
    • Persistency
  • Database
    • Suitable configuration tools
    • Name of database can be set in constructor of BaseProcess class
  • Application Layer
    • Object Nets
    • Petri Nets
    • Proxies
    • Partitioning
    • Groups of objects
    • "SuperProc" class as factory for objects of any class
  • Licensing

Preparation of Discussion Topics

  • Status & Problems
    • At the Moment BaseProcess Classes must have a Database entry, to work. Thats annoying in many cases. What about using a default setting for classes with no Database entry? Or a wire at the constructor named: "use Database entry from Instance ..." instead of using the unflexible vi "Truncate name for SQL"
    • If the "Super-Load Process" would transform to a "Super-Load Object" and a "Data-in" would get available, the Super could be used as a Object Factory
    • We have had some bad errors with wrong grammar in the Proc-Events (other bahavior in the .exe than in the source code). In Mind that the ProcEvents have "theoretically" no use, and only are another source for errors, we would like to discuss about deleting them from the CS. A consequence would be, that a Object getŽs all Events, sent to it. Is that really so bad?
    • By using a Asynchronous call two extra strings are added to the Call Cluster. So my question is: Is anybody using these asynchronous calls? If no, i would think about having a smaller call cluster, to make CS more confortable, and more easy to understand.
  • Requirements
    • Device Layer
    • Application Layer
    • Operating Layer

-- HolgerBrand - 19 Jan 2006
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IntroductiontotheCSframework.pptppt IntroductiontotheCSframework.ppt manage 936 K 2006-02-14 - 10:29 HolgerBrand Introduction to the CS framework
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