Start CS

To start CS, run the (development system) or CS.exe (run-time system). By this, the Super process is started. If there are problems, check the name of the Super process. In the the Super name is given without the nodename. "Super" is default. Also, check the name of the ODBC data source (not to be confused with the file name of the database). For setting up the database have a look here.

Useful tools for users

  • The GenerelObjectGUI class is designed for the normal end user, but is also very convenient for developers. Each installation should have at least the instance "UserGOG" configured in the database. The "UserGOG" object can be instantiated via a button of the
  • The ObjectInspector class allows to view, unload (recommended) und kill (not recommended) objects. An object of this class can be instantiated by sending a "LoadProcess" to the SuperProc (for example via the "UserGOG").

Useful tools for developers

  • For inheritance, use the CSClassUtilities/
  • For testing a class and viewing its attribute data use the CSClassUtilities/
  • For developing classes the CSClassUtilities/ tool may be useful.
  • The "General Class GUI" allows you to talk "manually" to the processes installed. As an example, you can ask the Super process to instantiate another object by sending a "Load Process" event to the Super. The general class GUI is located in .../CSClassUtilities/CS General Class GUI. You may have to adjust the path to the class directory for proper use.
  • The CS SQL Server is an application that connects to the DataBase of CS via SQL. Applications can connect to the CS SQL Server via TCP. This is quite useful, if you do not have the SQL toolkit of LabVIEW installed. In order to use the CS SQL Server you must adjust the ini file of CS.
  • Tag Monitor. Sometimes it is a good idea to use the tag monitor, to get an overview of the present status of some objects. The tag monitor can be accessed from a VIs front panel Tools->Datalogging & Supervisory Control->Monitor Tags... .

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