A ObjectNet should fulfil some primary requirements:

  • Within the Launch.viŽs ObjectŽs can be started
  • The data flow inside ObjectNetŽs the must be observable
  • Net-objects only communicate with each otherŽs via DIM-Publisher-suscriber mechanism
  • If an Net-object gets stuck, the watchdog has to recognize that, and to restart the object
  • The object net also works without itŽs main vi, if the main.vi has been executed once.
  • It has to be possible to implement hirarchical structure into the Net
  • Not as inside the Vogel-ObjectNetŽs, the data flow inside the CS-ObjectNetŽs should be from left to right
  • Also the possibility to build the PetriNetŽs onto the basement of the ObjectNetŽs should be given
  • Many ObjectNetŽs on one System should be possible

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 29 Sep 2006
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