This class handles one pair of digital input/output that is connected via DIM. A typical use case are digital I/O on a Profibus.

Typically, The link to the real (hardware) I/O-module is established via OPC and the connection to OPC is provided by the SCADA backend. For the CS framework, the standard SCADA backend is the LabVIEW DSC module by NI.


A simplified view of the communication is as follows.

(object of )DIM_DIO <=> DIM <=> (object of )DSCIntProc <=> LV-DSC module <=> OPC <=> IO-module.

In case you use the DSC engine and the DSCIntProc class as SCADA backend, you need to do the following for each object.
  1. connect the DSC engine to the OPC server with two Shared Variables. One for the control channel ("OBJECTNAME_nomOPCValue") and one for the monitor channel ("OBJECTNAME_actOPCValue").
  2. Using the "DB and SVCreate" tool, enter the configuration data into the database for that object. Remark: You only need to define the names of those two Shared Variables in the configuration database, if you use a different naming convention than the one described above.
  3. Using the option "create SV file" of the "DB and SVCreate" tool, create Shared Variable configuration files in CSV format.
  4. Eventually, you would like to edit/change the Shared Varaible configuration file created in the previous step.

-- DietrichBeck - 01 Sep 2010
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