The CAEN HV calss package consists of following classes:
  • Device classes
    • CAEN_HVSystem
      • Database parameters:
        • Special0="ModelName"
        • Interface0="DSCInterface"
    • CAEN_HVBoard
      • Database parameters:
        • Special0="ModelName"
        • Interface0="DSCInterface"
    • CAEN_HVChannel (derived from PSChannelBase class)
      • Database parameters:
        • Special0="DSCInterface"
        • Special1="InRangeBand/V"
        • For each channel in array
          • Addressnnn="Alias_Chnnn"
          • Interfacennn="TagPrefix_Chnnn"
            You may need to add more Adress and Interface attributes to you database.
  • and corresponding GUI classes
    • CAEN_HVSystemGUI
      • constructor parameter: data in = CAEN_HVSystem object name
    • CAEN_HVBoardGUI
      • constructor parameter: data in = CAEN_HVBoard object name
    • CAEN_HVChannel can be used with the PSChannelBaseGUI.

Naming convention:
  • CAEN_HVSystem object name = "Systemname"
  • CAEN_HVBoard object name = "Systemname_Boardmm", where mm is the slot id.
  • CAEN_HVChannel
    • CAEN_HVChannel objects can have arbitrary names and channel aliases, but
    • DB attribute Addressnnn = "Systemname_Boardmm_Channelnnn", where mm is the slot id and nnn the channel id.

The CAEN hardware is accessed via CAEN-OPC-Server. The corresponding process variables need to be imported to a SharedVariable process using the Distributed System Manager. Both processes should run on the same PC to avoid the configuration of the DCOM security settings.

An instance of the DCSIntProc is used to publish the OPC-Items to DIM. It reads the class specific configuration files which can be created by using the CSDBTools. Select the corresponding object and click create SV file. The generated configuration need to be adopted with respect to the SharedVariable process mentioned before and to set alarm limits and trending properties by using the SV Editor of the CSDBTools.

The creation of the SharedVariables for the CAEN_HVChannel objects needs more manual work since this objects may contain more than one channel. Load the CAEN_HVChannel_SVTemplate.csv into the SV Editor. Modifiy the properties to your needs and creat as many channel as you desire. This configuration file can contain all process variables of all channels of all CAEN_HVChannel objects.

Please refer to DatabaseAndSVTools for details about SharedVariable configuration.

-- HolgerBrand - 14 Jun 2011
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