Below is a photo of the workshop that was taken by Sandra Hundack and manipulated by AlexanderKessler :-).

From Left: Matt Redshaw and David Lincoln (via Webconference from Michigan State University), Alexander Kessler (Helmholtz-Institut-Jena), Tomica Porobic (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Christian Dröse (Uni-Greifswald), Deniss Neidherr (GSI), Ryan Ringle (Michigan State University), Udo Eisenbart (GSI), Albert Vass (Uni-Greifswald), Holger Brand and Dietrich Beck (GSI), Michael Goncharov (MPI-Heidelberg), Stefan Götte (GSI), Aike Gerdes (FH-Jena), Christopher Borgmann (via Webconference from CERN)

Discussion Notes

  • Dietrich changes his position at GSI and take responsibility for FAIR timing system. He will not be longer the main developer and maintainer of CS. However, he wants to provides his advice and support for CS community.

    We thank him for his great work and wish him all the best in the GSI Accelerator division!!!

  • DennisNeidherr is going to take the earlier position of Dietrich
  • Currently are no plans for migration to LV2011
  • There were some contributions about using of LVOOP Classes with CS. In difference to CS OO approach in LVOOP is no needs for name conventions. Further the consistency of interfaces are checked by LV and forces the developers to fulfill it.
  • DennisNeidherr shows the possibility to send big datasets about the limitations of CS-DIM interface. (Comment by Dietrich: there is a limitation for the maximum datasize of a DIM service, if a task of the operating subscribes to a service that is published by the same task. However, this is not intended to be the standard use-case.)
  • PHELIX database solution are already in daily operation. POLARIS and PENTATRAP have interest to adapt it for their needs.
  • Combination of some OPC-Servers (here CEAN) with CS_DSC.exe and LabVIEW DSC Module seems to have some bottle necks. PHELIX reports similar problems. The limitation seems to lay at OPC-servers site. Further investigation / improvements at this topic are necessary. In such a case, the combination of the DSC Module and the DSCIntProc class just provides a OPC-DIM gateway. Since SCADA features like alarming and trending are not used here, a possible solution might be a straight-forward implementation of such a gateway in a C/C++ program.
  • Participants of Workshop perceive the change of its location as stimulating. Next workshop should take place in Jan/Feb. 2013 at ??? Are some volunteer for its organization? It doesn't make a lot of work.
  • Feature requests:
    • Minimize after start of CS. Proposal (db): This functionality could be implemented in the SuperProc class and controlled via one of the Special entries in the database.
    • CSDB-Tool: A copy-and-paste feature in some of the configuration dialogs would be extremely helpful.
    • GOG: Adding/Copying multiple objects at the same time would be extremely useful.
    • The DSCIntProc class uses a hard-coded delay which is applied while creating Shared Variables. It should be considered replacing this delay by a configurable one, e.g. as a database entry.

-- AlexanderKessler - 13 Feb 2012
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