Discussion Notes

  • There were some new feature requests from the trap experiments to be implemented in CS and MM8:
    • FT-ICR support: Lebit, CMU, TRIGATRAP, HITRAP and at some point also SHIPTRAP will need this to be implemented. Ryan and Dennis will take care about this. It was agreed to start with a working paper, which should include all requirements as well as a rough overview about how the measurement cycle should look like. This document should be approved by all affected experiments.
    • PI-ICR support: Since several different experiments made clear that they are planing to / already bought the detector it was agreed to estimate how much work this will be to include in MM8. There is already a standalone program from Heidelberg but we will have a look at the SourceCode to check for the amount of work.
    • There is an additional idea to use non-equal step sizes for the frequency measurements in MM8. This is already done for example in Greifswald. It will be checked how complicated this is (also for EVA).
    • Dennis will check the code of the FPGA_PPG class for the possibility to include some more features (Multi-Trigger + Subcycles without loosing precision).
    • Implementation of SWIFT: Is more or less already done. Only minor changes on the MM8 and LV side are needed.

-- DennisNeidherr - 15 Apr 2014
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