What is the CSGrid-GUI?

The GUI-Structure provides an possibility to develop an compact and stable control-system GUI for larger experiments, which includes the most needed tasks on itself.

The CS Grid-GUI is an "Frame in Frame" GUI, which allows the user to open many sub-GUIŽs in one panel. The sub-GUIŽs can be loaded during runtime. Different sub-GUI settings can be stored in config files.

The Sub-GUIs of the Grid, together with the connected classes, can be re-used in many experiments. Also Sub-GUIŽs of different objects can be plugged together to build a main-GUI from many sub-GUIŽs. (See also beamline-examples inside the HTCS_Grid-GUI class)

How can I use it?

The CS_Grid-GUI class is only for inheritance issues. To Get a own Grid class, inherit from the CS_Grid-GUI class by using the ...\csframework\CSClassUtilities\CSClassUtilities.InheritClass.vi !!!

To get an workable example of the Grid-GUI, copy the "default.cfg" and the "panels" folder from the CS_Grid-GUI folder, to the folder of your new class. (If you are using Tortoise, use the rightclick/export option) To ensure all needed VIŽs are present, once open the contents.vi inside the "panels" folder.

Now add an CS - database entry to create an instance of your class. (Also you can launch it on other ways...experient CS-users will know how)

To link your own control structures to the panel, simple change the pathes inside the default.cfg. Further make sure, that every sub-panel u construct has a "stop" button, which exits the vi.

Different palettes of sub-Frames can be loaded automaticallly via config file. To get used to the mechanism, open the "CS_Grid-GUI.Overview.vit" and create your own config files.

What to mention by building an executable?

  • all Grid Panels and Subpanels must be available inside a contents.vi (or a sub-vi within). Place this contents.vi (as allways on building executables) inside the "dynmic & support files".
  • after the executable is finished, add default.cfg inside the same direktory where the executable is.
  • Also add an folder "panels" inside the same folder. Inside you can store the config files of the different sections.
  • If you are familiar with the settings of the builder, you can prepare it, to do these steps automatically.

Where i can get further help?

If there are still unanswered questions, please first check the example, and the HTCS_Grid-GUI class. If your question still isnt solved, feel free to contact me for help at al.schwinn(at)gsi.de

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 03 Jan 2008
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