Creating a Patch for a Package


This HOW-TO describes how to create a patch for a package. The following should be considered.
  • Patch files have the same format as package files.
  • Patch files have the following naming convention:
    • PACKAGENAME is the name of the package like "CSMain".
    • PACKAGEVERSION is the version of the package like "3.00".
    • PATCHVERSION is the version of the patch starting at 1. As an example, the first patch for package CSMain version 3.00 has the name "".
    • If not stated otherwise, all patches belonging to a release of a certain package are cumulative. That is, after installing the package, one needs to install the latest patch (the patch with the highest version number) for that package only.

Checklist for Creating a Patch

This checklist is identical to the one for creating a package, except that version numbers of libraries are NOT changed and NO binary is created (except in justified cases).

-- DietrichBeck - 27 Nov 2007
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