Migration of a class from CS version 3.20 to CS version 3.30.

In LabVIEW 2012 NI made some changes which also affects CS classes. In fact, classes from CS versions <= 3.20 will not work anymore in LabVIEW 2012. The reason is that the "Search 1 D array" function is now working differently when connecting a VI Refnum Array (the "Search 1 D array" function will "find" an element in a VI Refnum Array even if it is not the same Refnum but points to a reentrant VI made from the same template). For the CS this means that all "i attribute.VIs" have to be changed.

A small program can be found in the ClassUtilities (ClassUtilities.LV2012MigrateClass) folder.

Program to Migrate old CS classes to LV2012

It will automatically change your "Class.i attribute.vi" and make it compatible with LV2012. Not using it, can lead to unintended behavior of the CS or of the class you are using without showing an error message! So, if you are not sure, if the class you are using is already migrated, just try to use MigrationTool for a second time.

Important: From version 3.30 on you have to maintain your Contents.VIs even for the developer environment. So, if you execute the migration tool and you do not see your class within the table, you should check if the CS_Contents_User.vi somehow points to your "new" class.

-- DennisNeidherr - 19 Aug 2013
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