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GSI Wiki's Tasca web The Tasca web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors GSI Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of GSI Wiki GSI Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Tasca OperateTASCA Guide for TASCA shift crews TASCA is operated using a number of computers running control system software (mostly LabVIEW) controlling different parts and aspects ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2020-02-07T16:05:38Z HolgerBrand ViewingUTCSFrontpanels TASCA UTCS CSPP_FrontPanels are published. * ObjectManager * AlarmManager * Interlock * Beam Control * Beam Trend * Pyrometer * Gas Control ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2020-02-07T16:00:57Z HolgerBrand TascaUTCS Unified TACSA Control System This is the documentation of the UTCS. It is based on LabVIEW, NI Actor Framework and CS . Computer Configurations Following PC will ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2017-10-11T06:03:34Z HolgerBrand WebHome This is a web based collaboration area for the TASCA Collaboration: Instructions to experimenters: * OperateTASCA Operationg the TASCA Control System (in the measurement ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2017-06-30T10:07:48Z HolgerBrand BeamControlRequirements Beam Control Requirements This page is used to collect the requirements for the new Beam Control application based on LabVIEW 2009. New: How to make a much better ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2012-06-20T05:58:43Z JonPetterOmtvedt TCSTascaAi TASCA Control System "Artificial Intelligence" New section added by JPO on 19th June 2012 Return to Control System main document: Required Functions Top Return to ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2012-06-19T21:53:16Z JonPetterOmtvedt TCSDelimitationEmbeding Delimitation, Embedding and Restrictions of the Program Back to main docuemt: Return * TCS does not include control loops. Control loops are part of connected instruments ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2012-06-19T20:23:29Z JonPetterOmtvedt TCsComputerConfiguration TASCA Controls Computer Configuration This page describes the hardware and software comfiguration of the TASCA Controls Computer. All Computers * Installed software ... (last changed by EgonJaeger) 2012-01-24T10:50:27Z EgonJaeger MeetingDec142011 Kickoff Meeting for the new Unified TACSA Control System Date: Wednesday 14.December 2011 Attendees: Holger Brand, Sascha Yakuschev, Matthias Schädel, Egon Jäger ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2012-01-09T15:33:50Z HolgerBrand TASCAParameterList TASCA Parameter List Main.JonPetterOmtvedt 21 Dec 2011 Parameter Description Unit Sampling Frequency Logging ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-12-21T08:44:28Z JonPetterOmtvedt BCSafetyLimits Beam Control Program How to Set Safety and Warning Limits Beam Current Safety and Warning Limits (NODAL) In the current implementation of the Beam Conrol Program ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-10-05T07:08:39Z JonPetterOmtvedt LogIntegralsToFile How to log integrals and beam intensity to file continuously The Beam Control program will only write status data (integrals and beam intensities) to file if you have ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-08-22T08:40:48Z JonPetterOmtvedt UsingBeamControl Instructions on how to use the Beam Control Program What do I do if ...: * I want to start up the program BCStartUp * I want to control the chopper BCControlChopper ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-08-22T08:35:52Z JonPetterOmtvedt LostMacroPulse If the Macro Pulse have been lost... If the macro pulse signal is lost, e.g. if the control room decided to take it away, both the Beam Control and Beam Monitor programs ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-06-10T17:58:51Z JonPetterOmtvedt BCStartUp Beam Control Program How to Start it Up When the PC reboots it will automatically load the right programs by the GSI distributed loading program. All you need to ... (last changed by JonPetterOmtvedt) 2011-06-09T15:10:41Z JonPetterOmtvedt SlitControlImages Slit Control Application This application is used to control slit, degrader and FPD positions. Constant motion parameters are defined in a configuration file. No used ... (last changed by EgonJaeger) 2010-10-22T08:40:38Z EgonJaeger

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