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EPICS installations at GSI - Prerequisites for GSI

  1. become a member of the group epicsadm on Linux to check type groups on your prompt:
    $> groups
    yourgroup(s) ... epicsadm ...
  2. login to the group epicsadmin with newgrp - epicsadm (the minus is important):
    $> newgrp - epicsadm
  3. change umask to ug+w to enable other members of epicsadm to edit all files you have created/modified:
    either each time
    • $> umask 002
    • or by adding the following lines to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc files.
      (The ' - ' in the newgrp command forces executing the loginscript)
            #if logged in as group epicsadm, change umask to ug+w
            if [ $(id -gn) = "epicsadm" ];
               umask 002;
               # or anything else
  4. change to ~epics:
    $> cd ~epics
  5. Make the download directory, if not yet existing:
    $> mkdir download
-- PeterZumbruch - 27 Oct 2006

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-- PeterZumbruch - 04 Jun 2007
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