Software wish list

Take a look at our SoftWare policy first.

Please keep in mind that it is impossible for us to always keep track with the newest releases and the replacement of central parts of the systems is not trivial at all (i.e. compilers, interpreters, central libraries while keeping multiple versions of the same products might provoke surprising side effects.

To check the availability of certain software as a Debian package, is a good starting point.

This list is mostly outdated. Please *send your requests to instead.

Resolved requests

Request WhoSorted ascending When Solution
Boost libraries AnarManafov 07 Jul 2005 Sarge comes with version 1.32
CVS on Debian Sarge AnarManafov 21 Nov 2005  
DDD on Debian Sarge AnarManafov 21 Nov 2005  
DebPkg:kcachegrinddebian - visualisation tool for valgrind profiling output (on Sarge) AnarManafov 17 Feb 2006  
DebPkg:valgrind-callgrinddebian - call-graph skin for valgrind (on Sarge) AnarManafov 17 Feb 2006  
DebPkg:doxygendebian (on Sarge)!!! AnarManafov 16 Apr 2006  
DebPkg:a2psdebian on sarge HaikSimon 16 Dec 2005 enscript provides the same capabilities
citrix client HaikSimon 16 Dec 2005 Installed beneath /usr/local
nedit on Debian Sarge (lxsarge32) KilianSchwarz 08 Nov 2005 Installed
BerkeleyDB including db.h KilianSchwarz 03 Nov 2005 Berkeley DB 4.2 and 4.3 are to be installed. The related packages are DebPkg:libdb4.2debian, DebPkg:libdb4.2++debian ,DebPkg:libdb4.3, DebPkg:libdb4.3++debian, DebPkg:libdb4.3++-devdebian, DebPkg:libdb4.3-devdebian, DebPkg:db4.2-docdebian, DebPkg:db4.2-utildebian, DebPkg:db4.3-docdebian and DebPkg:db4.3-utildebian. /usr/include/db.h comes with DebPkg:libdb4.3-devdebian.
rawdog rss aggregator UweScholz 16 Sep 2009  
abook is a textmode addressbook UweScholz 16 Sep 2009  
remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm program UweScholz 16 Sep 2009  
gdict (gnome) als panel im kde ;)): WikiGuest 08 Sep 2004 You should try kdict, which may be integrated into the KDE panel with ( right click somewhere in the panel ->) Panel Menu -> Add -> Applet -> Dictionary.
TOra - Toolkit For Oracle WikiGuest 21 Sep 2004 installed on Woody (Version 1.3.13) and Sarge (Version 1.3.21) with Oracle and MySQL backend enabled. Further Information: MichaelDahlinger
Pexcept WikiGuest 07 Dec 2004 Installed as /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 WikiGuest 17 Jun 2005 Installed as /usr/local/bin/acroread7
GnuPlot 4 WikiGuest 10 Mar 2005 Version 4 is included in Sarge
DebPkg:gnuplot-modedebian for Emacs is also available
OpenOffice 1.1+ WikiGuest 08 Sep 2004 OpenOffice 2.0.1 (DebPkg:openoffice.orgdebian) is installed, including English and German localisations, hyphenations and thesauri
Perl 5.8+ WikiGuest 21 Sep 2004 Sarge comes with Perl 5.8.4
Python 2.4 WikiGuest 10 Mar 2005 Base packagedebian, documentationdebian and profilerdebian are installed
Umbrello UML Modeller for KDE WikiGuest 21 Sep 2004 Part of DebPkg:kdesdkdebian

Outstanding Requests

Evolution 2.2 WikiGuest 10 Jun 2005 Backport to Sarge is possible; anyhow the stability of evolution and evolution-exchange plugin must be further investigated
zlib at least v1.2.3 AnarManafov 05 Nov 2005 only version 1.2.2 on Sarge atm.
boost at least v1.33 (with zlib support in iostreams) AnarManafov 05 Nov 2005 only version 1.32 on Sarge yet
Graphviz package for dot tool used by doxygen JoernWuestenfeld 06 Sep 2006 Debian package : graphviz
rss2email is a powerfull RSS feed agregator which delivers news from RSS feeds to your email program. It works on the linux console and is updated either manually or by crontab... UweScholz 13 Mar 2012 Debian package : rss2email (available in all debian versions)

XMGrace 5.1.18 in debain package grace (1:5.1.18-1) Grace is a point-and-click tool that allows the user to draw X-Y plots.

-- HaraldBraeuning - 04 Aug 2006

  • I'd like to see the debian tcllib package installed. I have a bunch of tcl scripts using tcllib under Windows I'd now like to transfer to the Linux farm. -- DavidOndreka - 24 Mar 2012 13:10:25
  • Basket, kde note taker software -- StephanePietri - 21 Mar 2011 06:36:02
  • GammaWare -- Agata Analysis Software -- EdanaMerchan - 09 Mar 2011 09:59:19
  • Origin -- RahulArora - 27 Jan 2011 14:48:51
  • new version of eclipse -- MatthiasLochmann - 08 Dec 2010 12:18:26
  • octave-3.2.4 - as a freeware compatible alternative to the mathlab should maybe actualized because a lot of mathlab scripts require octave version newer than 3.1 -- GheorgheIancu - 26 Apr 2010 08:05:37
  • libxml (V2) and libxslt in their development versions (i.e. with the needed include files). I really want to do some XML-programming.
Best regards, Magnus -- MagnusMager - 04 Feb 2008 10:01:04
  • My secret wish is having Inkscape running! - I need to do some vector graphic (i.e. svg) manipulation/creation and Inkscape is by far the best tool araound. -- MagnusMager - 31 Jan 2008 10:38:14
  • geda (20060123-1) GNU EDA -- Electronics design software -- AndreasReischl - 14 Aug 2007 10:21:52

-- Christo, ThomasRoth -- 2004 - 2014
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