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The Data Acquisition Backbone Core (DABC) Design overview Role and functionality of the objects 1. All processing code runs in dabc::Modules. There are two ...
Controlling DABC Screen shots of Java GUI XDAQ classes for configuration and control Overview of the XDAQ adapter classes between dabc core, DIM and XDAQ infosp...
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Main.HansEssel 18 Dec 2007
NEW - 2007-12-18 - 18:20 by HansEssel
DABC News 2015 17.11.2015 Production release 2.9.0 Major new features: * libDabcHadaq * support of UDP packets sorting, enables use of TRB3 with two Et...
DABC projects Version 2 development (internal) Core classes * Command submission to other nodes * Node failure detection * (Semi) automatic recovery of...
The repository of DABC DABC is managed by SVN repository. Url of repository is . Repository open for reading. Checkout from re...
DABC tests, July 10 This is first performance tests, done with DABC framework. For the moment we are using our 4 nodes InfiniBand cluster, where verbs and socket...
r3 - 2007-11-13 - 14:25 by HansEssel
DABC threads tests, November 14 This is more generic tests with treads and DABC. BNet prototype One can distribute different BNet modules over different number...
Event building performance Test with four nodes Main.HansEssel 13 Nov 2007
NEW - 2007-11-13 - 14:27 by HansEssel
CBM readout controller The ROC board designed for readout of nXYTER frontend. DABC provides communication layer to ROC, which includes UDP based and Optic based t...
MBS Support MbsImplementation Steps to upgrade MBS as DABC data channel. MbsDataFormats New structures for MBS data. MbsFileFormat New LMD file format. File A...
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DABC The discussions about DAQ systems for FAIR experiments started in 2004 supported by the FutureDAQ project. As a most challenging experiment, CBM requirements...
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IEEE Real Time Conference 2007 (Poster presented, paper accepted by IEEE) For the new experiments at FAIR like CBM new concepts of data acquisition systems have t...
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Screen shots of Java GUI Main window with login screen Command tree Parameter table Logger window Displays Histograms Main.H...
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