The FRS Technical Information

The public websites for the Fragment Separator can be found here.

DO NOT RELY ON THIS DATASETS since this is just a test-environment. The official FRS Tech Info pages can be found here.



Data acquisition and Electronics

  • The update FRS electronics pages
  • The FrsDAQ pages
  • Data-taking is done using the GSI-developed MBS package
  • The old FRS DAQ pages
  • An introduction to the on-line version of PAW++ sometimes used at the FRS
  • An introduction to the GO4 analysis to be used at the FRS
  • SATAN, a useful program for plotting and analyzing data


  • Online versions of the FRS Sharp calculator conversion programs.
  • Online versions of the FRS Degrader calculator
  • ATIMA, a program to calculate various interactions of particles and matter
  • Use CHARGE to calculate charge-changing cross sections and the like
  • GLOBAL, another program to calculate properties of atoms passing through matter
  • MOCADI, a Monte Carlo simulation for beam transport through optical systems
  • GICO, a progam for ion-optical calculations
  • EPAX, an empirical formula to estimate fragmentation cross sections ("safe" on-line version)
  • Use LIESCHEN to predict the ion-optical separation of secondary beams
  • EMD calculates the electromagnetic interaction of heavy-ion beams with target atoms
  • Try AMADEUS, a magnet and degrader utility for scaling

Beam intensities and Cross sections

  • Table of primary beam intensities (from the accelerator division)
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