General Information

MOCADI is a Monte Carlo simulation program to calculate the transport of primary beams, projectile fragments, and fission fragments through ion optical systems described by third order transfer matrices and through layers of matter. The ion optical matrices can be calculated with the program GICOSY. Currently, input data describing the FRS from the target to F4, F6, Cave B and Cave C are available for a variety of ion optical settings. Atomic interactions [1] and nuclear interactions of relativistic heavy ions with matter are calculated according to [2]. Charge state distributions are not calculated but have to be given explicitly as an imput parameter. They can be obtained from the programs CHARGE or GLOBAL. In the case of projectile fragments the calculation of cross sections via the EPAX formula is included. CERN-standard histograms (HBOOK) and list-mode ouput (Ntuple) for particle mass, charge, rigidity, energy, positions, angles, TOF, and more are available at any position along the optical system. They can conveniently be analyzed with PAW.

How to use MOCADI at GSI

MOCADI at GSI is currently available on the Linux system . The input parameters for MOCADI like beam properties, magnet settings and the geometric information of the experimental setup (magnets, collimators, wedges etc.) are supplied by an ASCII input file. This input file also includes references to the data files containing the matrices for the particle transfer through the various magnets. The easiest way to use MOCADI is to get an example input file for the setup to be calculated and adapt it to special needs. To run MOCADI, type /u/weick/mocadi/mocadi <filename>

where <filename> is the name of the MOCADI input file. The default extension of the input file is ".in" and can be omitted. For more details see the MOCADI manual. To download an example input file or for information about the available ion optical settings go to the MOCADI download area.

Distribution policy and Copyright

H. Geissel holds the copyright for MOCADI, except for the subroutine for the calculation of the atomic interactions, which is copyrighted by C. Scheidenberger and P. Malzacher. If you are interested to run MOCADI on LINUX or a DEC alpha station in your institute you are welcome to contact H. Geissel to obtain a copy of the executable. However, in order to prevent unauthorized modifications we decided not to distribute the source codes.


As of November 1999 H. Weick will take care of MOCADI at GSI. Please don't hesitate to send all comments, suggestions, or bug reports to him.

History and Acknowledgement

The program was developed in PL/I by T. Schwab, H. Geissel, and A. Magel at Giessen University in Germany. N. Iwasa translated MOCADI 1.34 into C on a DEC VMS operating system and developed it further. N. Iwasa thanks K. Suemmerer and T. Baumann for their help on writing the MOCADI manual. N. Iwasa is grateful to M. Dahlinger for his help on programming (in particular, CERN-library and C-fortran). Many thanks are due to P. Malzacher and C. Scheidenberger for providing the splines calculated by ATIMA-1.0.


  1. C. Scheidenberger et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 50 (1994); C.Scheidenberger et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 3987 (1996).
  2. N. Iwasa et al., Nucl. Instr. Meth. B126 (1997) 284.
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