GICOSY is based on COSY 5.0 with additions done later in Gießen. It was written at University of Gießen, 1986–1998, by Martin Berz, Bernd Hartmann, Klaus Lindemann, Achim Magel and Helmut Weick. In former times also referred to as simply GICO.


  • Description of the ion optical system using matrices up to fifth order
  • Dipoles with inhomogenieties, quadrupoles and all kinds of multipoles both magnetic and electrostatic
  • Precise treatment of the fringing fields with fringing field integral method or direct tracing of matrix elements using differential algebra
  • use of variables, fitting with different methods, plots of the system, trajectories, envelopes, fields and of phase-space distributions

The program creates matrix files of all optical elements that can be used in the Monte-Carlo simulation program MOCADI.


PostScript, PDF, Latest Changes, Versions and Corrections



Input files
*.dat or GICOSYIN.DAT (default) and GIOSFF.DAT, GICOSYFF.DAT for the fringing fields
/u/weick/gicosy/gicosybatch *.dat
Output file
View plots

A standard set of fringing-field integrals can be found here: GIOSFF.DAT , GICOSYFF.DAT An example input file, the fragment separator at GSI: GICOSYIN.DAT

GICOSY is available at GSI or the University of Giessen. Others may ask for it. The program is available for LINUX, Apple-OS or MS-WINDOWS.

Contact Helmut Weick at GSI You may also ask Hermann Wollnik for the program WINGIOS or Martin Berz for a copy of COSY INFINITY. Conversion tool for GICOSY -> COSY INFINITY.


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