How to set up the Fragment Separator

Days before

Safety check

“Sicherheitsabnahme” safety check done by safety department of GSI. Before the participants need to have a special FRS safety instruction and confirm this by signing the safety book. The experiment has to be set up, dangerous parts removed, HV clearly labeled and more.


The FRS will be controlled and monitored from the console in the FRS Messhütte. Test detectors offline and check computers and programs on the console. Test magnets by applying once some current to them.

Before first beam

Calculation of settings

Prepare a data set in ATIMA, MOCADI or LISE with layers of matter (targets, detectors, windows and degraders) and optics mode. For the primary beam ATIMA alone is enough (on LINUX /u/weick/JavaAtima). For the calculation with fragments and optics LISE or MOCADI can be used. LISE++ runs on KP2PC119 in the FRS console. picture: screenshot of LISE++.

Online analysis

start online analysis program GO4

  • login on LINUX on profi account (for password as FRS expert)
  • >cd Go4/r115 (or other directory for your run)
  • >go4
  • click "Launch analysis client", Name=MyAnalysis, [start]
  • configure analysis: "Event Source"=Remote Event Server, Name = computer where remote event server is running, e.g. lxg1018, [submit]
  • start acquisition (green arrow button)
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