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GSI Wiki's SEI web The SEI web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors GSI Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of GSI Wiki GSI Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.SEI BoardS The members can present their developed boards with a short description and contact person. AERA DAQ Board (KIT, IPE, Main.MatthiasBalzer, 2010) * 4 Channel ... (last changed by JanHoffmann) 2011-07-08T12:29:14Z JanHoffmann SEIinGSI2011 SEI Frühjahrstagung 2011 in der GSI Die Tagung findet vom 21. bis 23. März 2011 an der GSI im Seitenraum Hörsal (B1 auf dem Plan) am 21. und 23.03.2011 und ... (last changed by EugenBadura) 2011-03-31T07:28:05Z EugenBadura WebHome SEI Studiengruppe für Elektronische Instrumentierung Willkommen auf dem Wiki Web der Studiengruppe für Elektronische Instrumentierung . Es bietet eine Web basierte ... (last changed by EugenBadura) 2011-03-14T08:29:36Z EugenBadura FPGA FPGA Die SEI plant eine Zusammenarbeit im Bereich der FPGA Entwicklung. LabVIEW FPGA based Informations * Spartan Starter Kit LabVIEW FPGA with the Xilinx SPARTAN ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2011-01-07T15:27:46Z HolgerBrand Microcontroller * Microchip * PIC16, FZJ ZEL, Main.PeterKa * PIC18, FZJ ZEL, Main.PeterKa * PIC32, FZJ ZEL, Main.PeterKa Main.PeterKa 20 Sep 2010 (last changed by PeterKa) 2010-09-20T13:11:08Z PeterKa TechnolgieS FPGA Technolgies Actel * KIP HD: ProAsic3; contact Main.JanoGebelein Altera * KIT IPE: Stratix, Cyclone 1 3; contact Main.MatthiasBalzer * GSI EE: Arria ... (last changed by PeterKa) 2010-09-20T13:04:32Z PeterKa TopicOfTheMonth Topic of the month The members can indicate their know how, experience or interest. FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) 08.2010 GBit Ethernet IP 07.2010 Main.MatthiasBalzer ... (last changed by MatthiasBalzer) 2010-08-03T12:12:13Z MatthiasBalzer ToolS Tools The members can indicate their tools in the FPGA design flow. Simulators * Mentor Modelsim * KIT IPE * KIP HD Synthesis * Quartus ... (last changed by JanoGebelein) 2010-07-12T14:29:28Z JanoGebelein WorkshopTalks Workshop Talks 5.2010 Main.MatthiasBalzer 27 May 2010 (last changed by MatthiasBalzer) 2010-06-24T08:24:29Z MatthiasBalzer ForumS Forum List of forums with focus on FPGA design. Main.MatthiasBalzer 28 May 2010 (last changed by MatthiasBalzer) 2010-06-24T08:22:54Z MatthiasBalzer IPsKnowHow IPs The members can indicate their developed IPs with a short description and contact person. Main.MatthiasBalzer 28 May 2010 GBit Ethernet IP (last changed by MatthiasBalzer) 2010-06-24T08:21:31Z MatthiasBalzer BoradS The members can indicate their developed Board with a short description and contact person AERA DAQ Board (KIT,IPE, Main.MatthiasBalzer, 2010) * 4 Channel 12bit ... (last changed by MatthiasBalzer) 2010-06-23T07:41:05Z MatthiasBalzer MeetingMinutes Liste der Sitzungsprotokolle Hier werden die Protolle von Sitzungen eingestellt. Main.HolgerBrand 03 Dec 2008 (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2008-12-03T14:17:59Z HolgerBrand WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this SEI web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come ... (last changed by HolgerBrand) 2008-12-03T13:34:45Z HolgerBrand WebPreferences SEI Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the SEI web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ., and can be overwritten ... (last changed by ChristianeReinhardt) 2008-12-03T13:01:34Z ChristianeReinhardt WebLeftBar (last changed by ChristopherHuhn) 2005-07-05T08:54:11Z ChristopherHuhn

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