List of missing units

info IMPORTANT: Use stagena45 by setting the environment variable STAGE_HOST to stagena45.

These 75 units are missing completely. Downloading from CERN CASTOR.
Copy process started at 14.05.2005.
Suspended by request of Sergey Y. at 18.05.2005
Resumed: 27.05.2005
Remaining time to complete: 0 days
Units done: 75
Units left: 0
9.5G    prod012_11/unit200
11G     prod012_11/unit221
6.0G    prod012_11/unit265
6.5G    prod012_11/unit266
7.9G    prod012_14/unit267
7.1G    prod012_11/unit268
9.0G    prod012_11/unit269
7.3G    prod012_11/unit270
5.4G    prod012_14/unit280
7.4G    prod012_11/unit300
7.7G    prod012_11/unit301
7.6G    prod012_11/unit302
7.4G    prod012_11/unit303
7.1G    prod012_11/unit304
8.4G    prod012_14/unit305
6.8G    prod012_14/unit331
7.3G    prod012_14/unit332
6.8G    prod012_14/unit334
7.2G    prod012_14/unit335
7.2G    prod012_14/unit336
7.5G    prod012_14/unit352
4.6G    prod012_14/unit095
5.4G    prod012_14/unit097
5.1G    prod012_14/unit113
7.7G    prod012_14/unit127
6.8G    prod012_14/unit159
5.3G    prod012_14/unit164
13G     prod012_14/unit168
7.8G    prod012_14/unit170
5.3G    prod012_14/unit178
8.3G    prod012_14/unit184
8.3G    prod012_11/unit359
9.3G    prod012_11/unit360
8.2G    prod012_11/unit361
2.4G    prod012_11/unit362
7.3G    prod012_11/unit363
7.8G    prod012_14/unit365
4.2G    prod012_11/unit370
8.4G    prod012_11/unit385
8.7G    prod012_11/unit390
8.1G    prod012_11/unit391
7.9G    prod012_14/unit392
8.0G    prod012_11/unit393
7.8G    prod012_11/unit394
8.2G    prod012_11/unit395
8.4G    prod012_11/unit396
6.8G    prod012_11/unit401
8.0G    prod012_11/unit402
8.0G    prod012_11/unit414
928k    prod013_11/unit015
5.1G    prod013_11/unit047
808k    prod013_11/unit048
5.2G    prod013_11/unit049
2.2G    prod013_11/unit052
5.2G    prod013_11/unit072
5.6G    prod013_11/unit073
5.2G    prod013_11/unit085
2.2G    prod012_11/unit097
6.8G    prod012_11/unit158
6.9G    prod012_11/unit166
2.4G    prod012_11/unit184
12G     prod012_11/unit210
7.0G    prod012_11/unit211
6.5G    prod012_11/unit212
8.0G    prod012_11/unit213
6.4G    prod012_11/unit214
6.1G    prod012_11/unit215
8.6G    prod012_11/unit216
5.5G    prod012_11/unit217
256k    prod013_11/unit051
6.6G    prod013_11/unit084
5.2G    prod013_11/unit086
5.3G    prod013_11/unit087
148M    prod014_11/unit024
386M    prod014_11/unit415
Total: 482G

The following scripts are used to transfer data from CERN (CASTOR):
basic script
# 1 - unitName


ssh -1 "mkdir /d/ceres07/step3c/$prodout/$unit"
mkdir /tmp/manafov

list=$(nsls $path/$prodin/$unit | grep -v step3e)

for file in $list
echo staging file: $file
rfcp $path/$prodin/$unit/$file /dev/null &

for file in $list
echo $file
rfcp $path/$prodin/$unit/$file /tmp/manafov/$file
scp -1 /tmp/manafov/$file $out/$prodout/$unit/$file
rm /tmp/manafov/$file

#rmdir /tmp/manafov

The caller script
#list of units to retrieve
units="unitXXX unitXXX unitXXX"

#sleep 12000

for unit in $units
do $unit

-- AnarManafov - 20 Jun 2005
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