If TRiP98 at startup gives error messages like this:

- - - This is TRiP98, Version 0408a(compiled Jan 11 2005 15:02:52), (C) M.Kraemer@gsi.de - - -

<SYS> : No such file or directory
<SYS> : No such file or directory


then the environment variable TERM is not set correctly. This variable is often forwarded by ssh from your computer to the AIX machine you are using. Try setting it manually to vt220, either by comitting "export TERM=vt220" directly on the AIX command line, or by inserting this command (export TERM=vt220) in your .kshrc for a more permanent solution.

This may produce other problems in the long run, especially when logging on from some old terminal or exotic machine, but i haven`t encountered any of this theoretical problem yet.

-- ChristianRicharz - 06 Sep 2012
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