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  • Examples
    • Typical session
      1. Start your working session going to directory in with you have the project directory (here the name is asyeosroot) which is controlled by svn
        You can check for changes between your version and repository's one
        svn diff asyeosroot
      2. Update project
        Command to update
        svn update asyeosroot
        Now you have the latest project version
      3. You can check logs from last commits:
        svn log asyeosroot
        svn info asyeosroot
      4. Now you work hard on the current, latest project, modify code and so one.
      5. After this work, you can commit changes to repository Note Is important to add only finished parts of work and code version witch is compiled!
        Adding not finished work spoil sense of having repository. To commit your new worked well part of code and changes call command
        svn commit -m "Changes description" asyeosroot
        Depends on the configuration you will be asked for authenticate, what protects for committing changes by someone not allowed to do that.
    • Adding new folder and files to project and put under svn control system
      1. To do that you can use command, which is doing that automatically:
        the svn command
        svn mkdir YourNewDir
        or if you created a directory in normal way you can put them under version control system with command
        svn add YourNewDir
      2. Add files to svn control system $ You can create files or copy them from somewhere into your directory.
        After that you have inform svn that you want to add your new files into controll system, to do that call command inside your new directory
        svn add *

  • More information, links
    • You can find a lot of information about SVN on the internet and also in this TWIKI
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