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Maybe its redundant, but I created my own way of adding a 'poor man's debugging' method for JavaScript.

I was annoyed, that I have to use either alert, which pops up a nasty new window, or document.write(ln) which creates a new page. Therefore this debug class, accesses a given section, typically <ul id="unique"></ul>, <ol id="unique"></ol>, <div id="unique"></div> with an specified id, or creates a new <div id="unique"></div> section on top of the page, where any new added debug entry is listed.


Defined area, immediately

    Some messages:


%begin html%
    Some messages:

Undefined area, on click

Click here to get debug output at the head of the document


%begin html% Click here to get debug output at the head of the document %end%



debug.js: JavaScript script for debugging Click to retract Click to retract ...
%begin javascript% /* * debug.js * Debug class for debugging informations * without alert or document.write(ln) methods * but within a given or newly created block element * * Author: P.Zumbruch, * Date: 04 Sep 2007 * */

function debugOutput (id, element) { /* Constructor: data: id: unique attribute id to look for or to create for the output data element: block element to use for the entries [ul, ol, span, ... ] methods: init(id): initializing the object
adding a new text element

*/ this.index = 0; = id; this.element = element;

this.add = add; this.init = init;

init(; }

function add(text) { /* add(text): adds a new element of type element to the output enclosing the textNode filled with "text"

any text
*/ document.getElementById(; document.getElementById([this.index++].appendChild(document.createTextNode(text)); }

function init(id) { /* init(id): initializes the object: i.e.: - it looks for a given element having the attribute id - if not existing, a new "div" element is created and positioned as the first child right of the "body" argument(s):
any valid HTML/XHTML/XML universal attributes id

*/ if ( document.getElementById(id) == null ) { var obj = document.createElement("ul"); var area = document.createElement("div"); = "#999"; = "#000000"; = "2px solid #f00"; = "1ex"; = id; var pos = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]; pos.insertBefore(area,pos.firstChild); var header = document.createElement("h4"); var text = "Debug information (" + id +"):"; header.appendChild(document.createTextNode( text )); area.appendChild(header); area.appendChild(obj); area.appendChild(document.createElement("hr")); } } %end%

-- PeterZumbruch - 14 Sep 2007
  • debug.js: JavaScript script for debugging
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