Forward-Backward correlations from Pythia and previous data

-- JuanCastillo - 05 Apr 2010


Published data: UA5, E735
Pythia data: $|\eta|$ < 3, energy scan, cut pt = 0.2, and no cut GeV
ALERT! NOTE: $|\eta|$ ranges are not the same, being the difference of 1 $\eta$ unit for the case of UA5
b(E) previous data +PYT(100Me) + ppbar

ppbar fit

Fit to published data (UA5, E735) + Pythia data $|\eta|$ < 3.0, energy scan, cut pt = 0.2
ALERT! NOTE: published data has been superimposed to the graph of ALL the points.
The fit has been performed over ALL (PYT + UA5 + E735) data
b(E) previous data, PYT(100Me) ppbar, with fit

all data

Fit to published data pp, ppbar, Pythia and TPC

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