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  • CppBasics : handling files, mistakes, passing values, objects, pointers, and memory consumption, reserved words and scope of the variables (or constants), dictionary of C++, some links...
  • CppHighlights : callback, chars and strings, namespaces, structures, templates, vectors ...
  • CppCompilation : running a program with parameters, simple compilation, use of makefiles, libraries, headers ...
  • CppErrorMessages : mainly compilation errors, while using CINT (C++ ROOT Interpreter)


  • RootTips : An (already) quite extense (around 15 pages) collection of solved problems that I found while writting my ROOT-based code. Mainly for compiled programs. Some errors are not appearing if you run a macro big grin
  • RootErrors: How to eliminate the most common warnings and how to solve errors
  • ProofTips : How to run a simple ROOT-based analysis on PROOF and on ROOT
  • AliRootTips : Some (a few) hotpoints about AliRoot
  • TrainTips: Details of my experience with the GSI data analysis train.


  • FortranBasics : Just "hotpoints" for facing FORTRAN properly.
  • PythiaTips : Notes about this event generator. Including version cross-checks, and some subroutine options.
  • PythiaPerformanceTests: First test of data generation/data analysis between P5 (PYTHIA version 5.720, JETSET version 7.408) and P6 (PYTHIA version 6.319)
  • PythiaTunings : Protected My PYTHIA production, list of files, my comments.
  • PythiaCorrelations : b($\sqrt{s}$) from Pythia and from published data.
  • PapersTunings : Protected Parameters used for reproducing some already published results. Each paper is mentioned with the corresponding parameters, and the results with my tuning compared with it.
  • PreliminaryTunings : Protected For the work in progress.

Data links

Interesting links

  • MultiplicityAnalysis: Some preliminary plots of multiplicity distributions, scaling and so on, output of some PYTHIA tunnings
  • UnigenTips: United Generators Pythia 2 Root / Herwig 2 Root project page.
  • HowtoOnPVSS: Very basic tips on PVSS.
  • RelevantRunInfo: Protected TPC tests-shifts info.
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