-- JuanCastillo - 26 Mar 2010

Data generation $\sqrt{s}$ TeV more
MD.histos.2009-10-21.P6.3.E14.root d .L MD_histos_Pythia.C 14 New prod, pt, eta idem
MD.histos.2009-10-21.P6.3.E14.kPyMb.root b .L MD_histos_Pythia.C 14 pt, eta idem
MD.histos.2009-12-28.P6.3.E10.etascan.root From MD.Tree.M_2.e_500000.P6.3.E10.root etascanPythia6319.C 10 Label format PYTeta06pt00_All_PNch
eta06, eta10, eta16, eta30
pt00 only
c .L MD_histos_Pythia.C 10 New prod
Label format PYTeta06pt00_All_PNch
eta 15, eta09 and etaNO
pt00 to pt14
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